Why I love daily conference coverage

Alexandra Weber Morales taking notes at a Perforce event.

It’s immediate. No taking notes, then struggling to remember what exactly they meant three weeks later. Daily publishing is a skill. It’s intense and exhausting, but immensely satisfying in small doses.

It’s face-to-face. A lot more information is transmitted this way. Social media replicates how cocktail or hallway chatter leads to tangential conversations that may turn out to be gems. It’s even better IRL (in real life).

It’s productive. One of the biggest content strategy mistakes companies make is over-analyzing their outgoing messages. If you don’t trust the messenger, don’t hire her. Meanwhile, another company will be dominating the conversation by fearlessly sharing news, customer stories and opinions.

It’s targeted. Give me some guidelines, such as which presentations to cover, what topics are key competitive messages and which executives never to quote. I’ll take it from there, and you’ll enjoy a bump in online presence as you fill your news cycle with problem-solving stories.

It’s entertaining. Today’s reader expects equal amounts of irreverence and rigor. Journalism doesn’t have to be dry or dour, and marketing needn’t be fact-free.

It’s easy. While we can recommend vendors to help you with a print show daily, and have experience doing them ourselves, these days it’s faster, cheaper and better to publish to a blog or mobile conference app.

Sometimes I work a conference as a freelance journalist. Other times, I’m hired by the hosts or an exhibitor to cover news of interest to them. Interested in hiring World Wind Writing for your next event? Go ahead. We’ll make your daily.


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