SD Times: APIs are delivering on their promise

MailChimp is one email marketing firm that makes the developer experience magic.

Here's my latest piece for SD Times: October 3, 2012 —  (Page 1 of 6) If you believe a recent report from analysis firm Gartner, in just two years, we’ll be overrun by citizen developers (normal, untrained computer users) building 25% of new business applications. A major facilitator for these newbies? Some have posited that cloud-based …


Perforce white paper: The State of SCM

Portfolio_Perforce State of SCM cover

Here's a piece I penned for Perforce Software, "The State of SCM in 2012." Executive summary: "As the latest research on SCM suggests, developers are struggling with latency, far-flung-teams, ad-hoc workflows, administrative overhead, and integration nightmares. Find out how these factors are undermining developer productivity and performance, and how the SCM field is evolving to …