White paper

ThoughtWorks white paper: Agile Program Management

This is one of several projects penned for ThoughtWorks, working with Chad Wathington, managing director of ThoughtWorks Studios, out of the San Francisco office.

This “running start” is a typical approach for World Wind Writing (aka moi):

“The project manager whose office has become a de facto printing press generating Byzantine reports to stakeholders in the dozen projects she oversees. The risk-averse corporate manager whose only known purpose is to flit from meeting to meeting, raising objections and deferring decisions. The UI guru whose time is matrixed among seven projects, totaling 90 person-hours per week. These are the unwitting victims of program management gone awry.”

The paper continues with a journalistic feel, another typical World Wind Writing approach:

“It’s commonly thought that Agile software development doesn’t scale well to large organizations. Increasingly, large Agile teams completing programs of work – multiple projects that are either interrelated or aiming for the same business milestone – are unfounding this fear. But Agile program management does require a new mindset, according to Chad Wathington, San Francisco-based vice president of product development at ThoughtWorks: ‘The antithesis of Agile program management is to take everything you were doing before in your PMO – take your project management body of knowledge – and then just have your Agile teams underneath all running in parallel.'”


Agile-program-management-whitepaper Agile-program-management-whitepaper




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