Today: Oracle Code Mexico Live Stream + Reddit AMA with Bitnami’s Lopez

By Alexa Morales

Originally posted on the Oracle Blog 

Two live online events today (June 29, 2017) will reveal how developers worldwide are building and deploying modern applications on Oracle Cloud Platform.

First, don’t miss Oracle Code Mexico City. Oracle will live-stream video of keynotes from Daniel Lopez, cofounder and CEO of Bitnami, and Paulo Mota, director of product management for Oracle do Brasil, beginning at 10 a.m. Eastern time. The latest of 20 stops on a vibrant world itinerary, Oracle Code Mexico City will feature technical sessions, hands-on labs, and a code lounge with 3-D printing, an IoT workshop, and more. Check out the Oracle Code website to find upcoming Oracle Code events in a city near you.

Oracle Code Mexico City

Then, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Lopez anything when he joins the newest installment of the Developer Legends Reddit AmA Series, brought to you by Oracle. That goes on at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Whether you’re in a cloud-native shop or playing with containers for the first time, you’ll want to learn how Bitnami provides open source images across Oracle Cloud’s infrastructure (IaaS) and platform services—among other topics.


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