Understanding the GraalVM Polyglot (Java) Virtual Machine

In this episode of OracleNext you’ll hear from Alexa Morales, a technology journalist with over 18 years of experience covering developer communities and technologies. Her recent Forbes article “GraalVM 1.0 Gives Developers a Speedy Polyglot Runtime—And Helps Twitter Save Money” offers insight into a technology that’s driving significant developer excitement and which is already delivering big benefits to companies such as Twitter.

GraalVM is an open source project started by Thomas Wuerthinger of Oracle Labs and which aspires to be a universal compiler. In this episode we’ll discuss:

Why a universal compiler is an advantage in an increasingly polyglot world.
How language specialization relates to the evolution of general languages like Java.
How GraalVM supports cloud-native development.

via Understanding GraalVM: Open a Window into the Developer’s World | Oracle Blogs


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