Oracle BrandVoice: Famous Or Not, These Groundbreaker Award Winners Are All Technology Community-Builders

Groundbreaker Awards were presented by Oracle at a free one-day developer conference in New York City. Winners are Nebrass Lamouchi, Rafael Winterhalter, Carla De Bona, and Venkat Subramaniam. from Oracle BrandVoice: Simplify IT, Drive Innovation via IFTTT


Oracle BrandVoice: Beyond The Code: Software Developers Explore Ethical Engineering In Berlin And Rome

As software “eats the world,” engineers aren’t just worrying about orchestrating systems that can run seamlessly across mul-tiple geographies, they’re also puzzling over a dilemma: Just because you can build it, does that mean you should build it? from Oracle BrandVoice: Simplify IT, Drive Innovation via IFTTT

Understanding the GraalVM Polyglot (Java) Virtual Machine

In this episode of OracleNext you'll hear from Alexa Morales, a technology journalist with over 18 years of experience covering developer communities and technologies. Her recent Forbes article "GraalVM 1.0 Gives Developers a Speedy Polyglot Runtime—And Helps Twitter Save Money" offers insight into a technology that's driving significant developer excitement and which is already delivering big benefits to companies such as Twitter.