Coding Expertise And Soft Skills: Don’t Settle For Just One

Originally published March 14, 2018 on Forbes   One fascinating thing about meeting developers in more than 20 cities around the world is seeing how coders use their skills to solve a local problem. Oracle Code’s worldwide tour landed in New York City last week, and it didn’t disappoint. Marc Sewtz, a senior software development …


Do First, Ask Later: Inspiring Advice From Women Tech Leaders

When Lisa Mae Brunson organized her first Hacks 4 Humanity, she didn’t even know what a hackathon was—nor was she herself a software developer. But as an experienced community builder with a nose for trends, she suspected it could quickly generate creative solutions to social problems.

Become A Software Hero: Top 10 Priorities For Growth-Oriented Developers In 2018

Originally published January 25, 2018 on Forbes The last few years have seen thrilling changes in the software landscape and mushrooming opportunities for coders. Today software developers are critical not just for every enterprise looking to grow, but also for every government or nonprofit organization wrestling with the world’s problems. That means we’ll need software …

For Developers Only: The 7 Big Ideas Behind Oracle’s Open Source, Container-Native Vision

What’s your dream? To get you back to what you want to do: Make things—and collaborate more effectively with ops engineers, rather than having to become a sysadmin yourself. Oracle has just recently open sourced two projects to help with that goal, by making Kubernetes more practical for multicloud, large-scale use cases. Here are seven big ideas behind Oracle’s latest contributions to container-native technology, and how they’ll help you get to your happy place.

Chatbots Help Reach Millions Of First-Time Appliance Buyers In India

In India, if a fan, a microwave, or a toaster burns out, fixing it is of prime importance. “India is still a market where things don’t get thrown into the dustbin,” says Anant Bajaj, joint managing director for Bajaj Electricals Ltd, a lighting, engineering, electric utility, and appliance maker based in Mumbai. Efficiently helping customers, often in rural and remote areas, get a product fixed or installed for the first time is a task that’s perfect for machine learning-based automation.