6 ways PaaS gives you superpowers

We asked developers, CTOs, entrepreneurs and consultants across the country to describe concrete ways in which PaaS has changed their development style.


Three cloud PaaS trends to watch in a serverless world

The future may be serverless, but for now, commoditized infrastructure is making platform-as-a-service increasingly attractive for startups, enterprises and developer shops. Led by Amazon and Microsoft, vendors such as Salesforce, Google and Oracle are pitching platforms for every development style, architecture, language and use case.

Covering ASCAP EXPO! Highlights: Bill Withers, Ingrid Michaelson, TuneCore and more!

2015 ASCAP EXPO Billboard

This is where being a musician AND a writer comes in handy! Got my press pass to cover #ASCAPEXPO! Stay tuned, and read on for more information about the upcoming conference! Looking forward to including music tech news from the Expo exhibitors in this space. Music highlights: Aloe Blacc to Interview Legendary Bill Withers! Chart-topping Songwriters …

How a sad robot on the streets of Oakland led me to the Stupid Fun Club

This article was originally published in Software Development (Dr. Dobb's Journal). 2015 UPDATE: A phone call today to the Stupid Fun Club revealed that the robots had been mothballed since 2009 or so, according to Becky Winter, whose husband Mike Winter participated in the interview below. A related article from Don Hopkins, who programmed the robots, explains …

SD Times: Apps find new ways to spark interest in music

Forget what you’ve heard about the music business. While it may be hard to feed a family of four on gigs, the market for musical gear and education is exploding. In 2014, new instruments and apps for learning how to play them are taking advantage of software and embedded technology. Take the fantastical circular keyboard …