Bad Design: the ‘dark patterns’ of unethical, addictive software

Originally published August 14th, 2017 in SD Times We’ve all fallen prey to them at one time or another: Design techniques such as the bait-and-switch, disguised ads, faraway billing, friend spam and sneaking items into the checkout cart. These “dark patterns” are interfaces are “carefully crafted to trick users into doing things, such as buying insurance …


What you want, when you want it: Trends in modern UX design

Unveiling his third annual “Design in Tech Report” in a March 12, 2017, talk, Silicon Valley design guru John Maeda noted that design is now a top priority for venture capitalists, consultancies and even stuffy enterprise software giants.

Industry Spotlight: Three disruptions to ALM — and how machine learning could help

According to Ashish Kuthiala, Austin-based senior director for Agile and DevOps portfolio offerings at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software, three key disruptions are reshaping ALM and testing: DevOps, increasing application complexity, and Cloud and SaaS models. In response, enterprise development’s next wave of productivity will be increasingly automated, collaborative and powered by big data. 

Three cloud PaaS trends to watch in a serverless world

The future may be serverless, but for now, commoditized infrastructure is making platform-as-a-service increasingly attractive for startups, enterprises and developer shops. Led by Amazon and Microsoft, vendors such as Salesforce, Google and Oracle are pitching platforms for every development style, architecture, language and use case.

Progress OpenEdge: Learning to failover

Blame the cloud, DevOps, consumer demand or continuous delivery. No matter the reason, a wide variety of applications are now aiming for high availability (HA) — and increasingly, that overlaps with planning for disaster recovery. Too many software organizations not only lack tools that can help, they fail to test their disaster recovery plans until it’s too late.