How SuiteBox Uses Oracle Cloud To Revolutionize Collaboration In Financial Services

When New Zealand–based SuiteBox launched six years ago, it started out supplementing annual company meetings with online video. But a few years in, the startup had the foresight to pivot. The new target? A market that Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, DocuSign, and WebEx had missed: virtual meetings in the financial world.


Industry Spotlight: Extracting data from inside the app

As data streams threaten to drown companies in too much information, the trend in business intelligence is now to house analytics smack in the middle of applications, where they can quickly and securely surface actionable information to developers, users and businesses.

Industry Spotlight: Three disruptions to ALM — and how machine learning could help

According to Ashish Kuthiala, Austin-based senior director for Agile and DevOps portfolio offerings at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software, three key disruptions are reshaping ALM and testing: DevOps, increasing application complexity, and Cloud and SaaS models. In response, enterprise development’s next wave of productivity will be increasingly automated, collaborative and powered by big data. 

Lionbridge: Internationalization is the next frontier in testing

Lion bridge internationalization testing

Behold, a new white paper from World Wind Writing for Lionbridge. The longstanding Massachusetts-based company wants new content strategy to push clients towards testing and QA, as the company is better known for translation and internationalization. In working with the client, I discovered that internationalization is in fact a key ingredient for success -- but only when …

Progress OpenEdge: Learning to failover

Blame the cloud, DevOps, consumer demand or continuous delivery. No matter the reason, a wide variety of applications are now aiming for high availability (HA) — and increasingly, that overlaps with planning for disaster recovery. Too many software organizations not only lack tools that can help, they fail to test their disaster recovery plans until it’s too late.

How UML makes digital transformation possible

What’s the best way to build complex, software-intensive systems? A powerful approach, according to the Australian software vendor Sparx Systems, places visual modeling tools at the hub of a DevOps-style operation. The company’s flagship modeling platform, Enterprise Architect, was commercially released in 2000 and continues to rise to the challenge of faster software delivery.