It all starts with a story. World Wind Writing aims to entertain and investigate in a world over-padded with words. Alexandra Weber Morales, principal, is a content strategist, social media maven and artist with over 15 years’ experience delighting diverse communities via blogging, journalism, editing, website development, multimedia and live events. She’s insatiably curious, relentlessly creative, internationally adept, speaks a few languages and enjoys a good laugh.

Geeks do not frighten us. We like how they lead with their brains and don’t set as much store in hierarchies and figureheads. World Wind Writing makes complex concepts palatable to lay and specialist audiences in diverse fields (medicine, software, science, technology, music). You be the technology expert. We’ll be the communication expert.

Set World Wind Writing loose on your publishing problems. Give us your deadline and we’ll tell you a world of a story.

What’s in our name?

World. We aim to take a balanced, world’s-eye view of diverse topics.

Wind. We love wind. In fact, we wrote a song about it.

Writing. At the core of our work is writing. If you don’t love to read and write, fear not. We do.


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