Oracle BrandVoice: Famous Or Not, These Groundbreaker Award Winners Are All Technology Community-Builders

Groundbreaker Awards were presented by Oracle at a free one-day developer conference in New York City. Winners are Nebrass Lamouchi, Rafael Winterhalter, Carla De Bona, and Venkat Subramaniam. from Oracle BrandVoice: Simplify IT, Drive Innovation via IFTTT


Oracle BrandVoice: Beyond The Code: Software Developers Explore Ethical Engineering In Berlin And Rome

As software “eats the world,” engineers aren’t just worrying about orchestrating systems that can run seamlessly across mul-tiple geographies, they’re also puzzling over a dilemma: Just because you can build it, does that mean you should build it? from Oracle BrandVoice: Simplify IT, Drive Innovation via IFTTT

How Virtual Reality Can Change The Way We See Our Molecular World

BRISTOL, ENGLAND—Writing doesn’t do justice to virtual reality. Nor does looking at an animated, 2D image do anything to convey the feeling of scuba diving through space, playing catch with molecules of buckminsterfullerene. Wearing off-the-shelf VR gear, I found it surprisingly addictive to tie knots in proteins or thread carbon nanotubes. But these VR journeys into the molecular level aren’t just fun—they reveal important details of how nature is built and behaves, and could hold keys to engineering nanosystems, combating antimicrobial resistance, and making progress to understand neurodegenerative disease.

This Free Programming School Teaches Far More Than Coding

PARIS—It’s a fortuitous day to be sitting in a padded geodesic workbooth at 42, the tuition-free computer programming school created and funded by French telecom billionaire Xavier Niel. I’m waiting to meet with Olivier Crouzet, the dean of studies. It happens to be the first day of La Piscine (the pool), a four-week programming endurance test that 800 people ages 18 to 30 will vie to complete.