Understanding the GraalVM Polyglot (Java) Virtual Machine

In this episode of OracleNext you'll hear from Alexa Morales, a technology journalist with over 18 years of experience covering developer communities and technologies. Her recent Forbes article "GraalVM 1.0 Gives Developers a Speedy Polyglot Runtime—And Helps Twitter Save Money" offers insight into a technology that's driving significant developer excitement and which is already delivering big benefits to companies such as Twitter.

Conversational UI: Be Ready For The Next Digital Disruption

Many researchers believe conversational AI will soon be developers' first priority, surpassing cloud-native and mobile-first projects in importance. Chatbots—built on a foundation of containerized microservices and connecting to back-end systems via API—are not only an easy way to break into conversational UIs, they’re an onramp to building and training artificial intelligence.

Cloud Is Secret Behind Developer Lounge IoT, Art

Six CNC routers are cutting and etching faces into fluorescent acrylic while German artist Mirja Wellmann watches nearby. A woman admiring Wellmann’s sculpture gushes, “It’s beautiful! It’s like if you have talent, there are no limits!” Nearby, four flavors of microbrewed beer are perfected with data from IoT sensors. Oracle OpenWorld 2017 attendees rate the brews on touch screens. Others assemble colorful furniture made from 3D-printed beams designed by Java expert Michael Hoffer. Adorable robots intrigue passers-by. Welcome to Oracle’s annual Developer Lounge.

From Blockchain To Simple Text Editors, Oracle Developer Champions Share Top Insights

Dedicated AI processors will bring massive acceleration of deep learning data sets. Blockchain could be used to verify the security of passenger planes, and natural language processing will start speaking in slang. Amid all this high tech, though, don’t forget about the importance of the productivity boost of using simple tools like Vim, a text editor based on a 1970s program written by Sun Microsystems cofounder Bill Joy.

JavaOne4Kids Teaches Minecraft Mods with a Professional-Grade Java IDE

You can tell that Cesar Tron-Lozai is comfortable with kids. He starts off a Java training session for scores of Minecraft enthusiasts—which, given the virtual world’s player demographic, tends to be made up of fidget spinner-toting preteens—with a quick behavioral training trick, teaching them to holler and then shush when he plays a cow sound on his phone. Then he dives into Minecraft modding, asking the kids to open up the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) on the provided laptops.